Customer Speaks
Mr. Harish Dedhiya, Professional Legal Advisor
“Buying real estate is scary because one sees is a piece of land – raw and undeveloped, simply visualising the plans that are on print. The last thing I wanted was to spend sleepless nights after investing my hard earned money. At Ariisto, I dealt directly with the top management team and it was an experience. Transparency was the hallmark of every meeting. Hence, mentally speaking investing in Ariisto was a worry-free process.”
Mr. Pranav Patel, Managing Director of M.P. DyeChem Industries Pvt. Ltd.
“While most look out for number of amenities in the project, for me, quality of the construction supersedes every amenity. These days, when most developers offer amenities in quantity, very few focus on offering superior quality. I based my decision of opting for Ariisto on this very factor.”
Mr. Ashish Karan, Associate Vice President - The Carlyle Group
“For some, lifestyle is to become super lazy like automatically pulling up the curtains or controlling the home AC and oven while resting in bed; while for some it’s to become super-active like a disciplined gym routine followed by meditation and ending the day with a swim followed by a game of Billiards. Ariisto catered to both extremes and hence, today, I’m a member of Ariisto’s way of life.”
Mrs. Rashmi Soni, Professional – Matrix Architecture Services
“Knowing the industry trend is a big disadvantage because then one gets very choosy about the designs. In a quest for deriving maximum usable area, one rejects many projects till one comes across a design that gives the best of both worlds – form and functionality. As a professional in the same industry I can clearly envisage the efforts that have been invested by Ariisto in creating every floor plan. Choosing an Ariisto property to reside was an obvious decision.”
Dr. Himanshu Mehta, Ophthalmologist
“Today, my wife doesn’t video conference with the grocer, my son doesn’t show his football kit to his friend over a tablet and I don’t check the new luggage bag collection which is available in the showroom nearby while I am sitting at home. But I always aspire that tomorrow we will. Ariisto has made these finer aspects possible.”
Mr. Vijay Emmanuel, Executive Director – Investments Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
“When I first walked into the Ariisto Sapphire site, I had least expected that I was in for a totally different experience. No jargons, no complicated terminologies, a warm and completely informative dialogue and all my questions were answered. Team Ariisto had won half my heart already and well the other half was won by the product. I’m now congratulating my family for taking a wise decision of booking an apartment at Sapphire.
Mr. Anand Raisinghani, General Manager – Strategic Accounts – IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
“As parents, we wanted to provide our child with an environment that nurtures the values and culture we have been brought up with. When we looked at the profile of residents at Ariisto Sapphire, we were convinced that a home here would provide like-minded company for us and a very conducive environment for our child’s formative years. We are glad to be a part of the Ariisto Sapphire family.”
Mrs. Jaya Dutt, Vice President – Multinational Bank
“Real estate investment is all about spotting an opportunity much earlier than the rest of the world does. But investigating the credentials of the developer can be tough. As I deploy my investment acumen in professional life, I applied it in my personal investment with Ariisto and I’m simply glad, I did.”
Ms. Alice George, Lawyer at a Leading Law Firm
“While buying a residence, one of the prime concerns for me was security. When I learnt that Ariisto projects come with 3 tier hi-tech securities with 24×7 monitored CCTV cameras and recording, I was assured that I could sleep peacefully every night.”
Mrs. Rimple Mehta, Partner at Design Dimensions
“It was a happy moment when I handed over the booking amount cheque to the Ariisto sales team. I was surprised, when I was apprised about the Loyalty Scheme by the Customer Relationship Manager. According to the scheme, if I recommend a friend/relative and if he/she books an apartment, I as well as my friend are entitled for a fabulous gift. I think it’s an innovative marketing strategy and an amazing gesture. Something we all would remember for a lifetime.”